Market Profiler


Market Profile software build for Ninja Trader 8 platform.

Includes :

Poor Highs, Poor Lows, Buying Tails, Selling Tails, weak references, spikes, overnight levels, anomalies, POCs, volume at price, dalton set up and much much more…


3 licenses available :

Lifetime 3000.00$

Yearly 850.00$

Monthly 85.00$


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The Market Profile software build for NinjaTrader 8.

Market Profiler is much more than just a Market Profile software. Not only can you split or merge day session and overnight profiles but it also includes Jim Dalton teaching features ready to be used as the market unfold – Poor high, poor low, tail, spike, overnight levels, anomalies, unrevisited prominent POCs, weak references and much more…
When it’s time to prepare the next day you can count on Market Profiler to do all repetitive tasks of finding key references, drawing lines, looking for anomalies and Dalton studies leaving you precious time to spend on much more important crucial trading tasks like analysing the context surrounding the market.


Your purchase includes : A monthly subscription Free upgrades and Support.

This License grants you the right to install and run one copy of this software, on two registered computers, for use by one person at a time.

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Buying and downloading Market Profiler is quite easy when you follow a few simple steps.

Market Profiler will be immediately available for download upon purchase on the “Community member” page from “My Account” page.

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Q: I am using marketprofile for Indian market. a. Will this can be used for Indian Markets also. b. Does this needs to specific data base ?
— Asked by Srinivasan on October 6, 2018
A: It should work for all markets. Market Profiler takes its data from NinjaTrader so you have to have data these data from your data provider.
— http://blar58

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