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Six great indicators to find out market-generated information.

Market Profile – References Synchronizer – Balance – Structure Analyser – Profile Builder and Flow Analyser

Pro Suite Gold is the best product Suite to organize your trading business.

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This package includes the full trading suite for trading !

Pro Suite Gold

CoderForTraders PRO Suite Gold includes six indicators :

  1. Market Profile
  2. References Synchronizer
  3. Balance
  4. Structural Analyser ( Tails – Excess – Poor Extreme …)
  5. Profile Builder
  6. Flow Analyser

Plus access to Pro Suite Gold Classroom.

All these indicators allow Market Profiles and the outside world to communicate together !
Used on many different time frames like daily weekly and monthly charts as well as short term minute charts – PRO Suite Gold workspace template allows traders to get a holistic view of the market based on a Top Down analysis as taught by the legendary Jim Dalton.

PRO Suite includes Jim Dalton teaching features ready to be used as the market unfold – Poor high, poor low, tail, spike, overnight levels, anomalies, unrevisited prominent POCs and much more…

When it’s time to prepare the next day you can count on PRO Suite to do all repetitive tasks of finding key references, drawing lines, looking for anomalies and Dalton studies leaving you precious time to spend on much more important crucial trading tasks like analysing the context surrounding the market.

Pro Suite Gold also includes a Market Profile Builder indicator that overlays Market TPO Profiles on the daily monthly and weekly bar charts.

You can also overlay TPO Profiles on any other chart type. For example you could overlay a 30 minute Market TPO Profile on a 5 minute chart or overlay a 5 minute Market TPO Profile on a 30 minute chart.
You can use any kind of chart type ( point and figure, range chart, etc .. ) and overlay a minute based Market TPO Profile chart.
You can apply profiles on selected sessions by a simple mouse double click.

A simple indicator but so useful and practical !


Finally Pro Suite Gold just added recently a Flow Analyser indicator to help traders pick ideal trade location.

Based on market swings, the Flow Analyser defines patterns in order to detect the direction of the very short term flow and good trade locations to go with your previous Market analysis coming from Pro Suite Gold other indicators …



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