Pro Suite For NinjaTrader 8

$99.95 / month

The best product Suite to organize your trading business.

Try it ! you’ll love it !


CoderForTraders PRO Suite includes four indicators

  • Market Map ( Market Profile )
  • MapReferences ( References )
  • Balance ( Market structure )
  • Dalton indicators ( Tails – Excess – Poor Extreme …)

All these indicators allow Market Map and the outside world to communicate together !

Used on many different time frames like daily weekly and monthly charts as well as short term minute charts – PRO Suite Dalton workspace template allows traders to get a holistic view of the market based on a Top Down analysis as taught by the legendary Jim Dalton.

PRO Suite includes Jim Dalton teaching features ready to be used as the market unfold – Poor high, poor low, tail, spike, overnight levels, anomalies, unrevisited prominent POCs and much more… 

When it’s time to prepare the next day you can count on PRO Suite to do all repetitive tasks of finding key references, drawing lines, looking for anomalies and Dalton studies leaving you precious time to spend on much more important crucial trading tasks like analysing the context surrounding the market.


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