Market Profile Builder For NinjaTrader 8


Build minute TPO Profiles on the fly and overlay them over any intraday time frames and chart type easily and quickly !


Market Profile Builder is a software that overlay Market TPO Profiles on any chart type.

For example you could overlay a 30 minute Market TPO Profile on a 5 minute chart or overlay a 5 minute Market TPO Profile on a 30 minute chart.

You can use any kind of chart type ( point and figure, range chart, etc .. ) and overlay a minute based Market TPO Profile chart.

You can create multiple trading sessions and see profiles applied on all the sessions or on a unique session. You can even apply profiles only on selected sessions by your mouse.

Furthermore the software can display TPO and Range statistics as well as Context and structural studies like Extreme ( strong or poor ).

A simple indicator but so useful and practical !


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