I started creating this Market Profile indicator 10 years ago. At that time there were no good Market Profile indicator available with the NinjaTrader platform.

Through the years I have discovered Jim Dalton’s trading methodology using the Market Profile as a trading tool and it just changed my trading life. I have added everything that Jim is teaching in the Market Profile indicator making this indicator a great trading tool for all traders not only Dalton’s student.

All features are user adaptable ( colors, style …) through a Property grid unique to Pro Suite Market Profile. No more endless hours of preparation drawing support and resistance lines or balance areas and fear of missing poor extremes and subtle clues available from the market. All is being done automatically by the Pro Suite Market Profile Chart !

Market Profile chart offers 4 different display on the same chart :

  • Only pit session profiles
  • Volume at price ladders
  • pit session + overnight
  • pit session + overnight and current volume and price ladder all on the same display

I just can’t trade without it !

  • Chart Type: 30 minute
  • Display: Market Profile indicator