Pro Suite indicators applicable to the Day chart are References Synchronizer indicator , Balance indicator and Profile Builder indicator.

The References Synchronizer indicator is a powerful reference importing engine. It takes applicable references from the Market Profile chart and the longer term charts ( Monthly and Weekly charts ) and draw them on the Day chart bringing contextual factors to the day time frame. A single look at the daily chart will give you a complete short term picture and condition of the market. You can change the color, style and thickness of all references through the day chart property grid.

The Balance indicator will draw balance areas using its unique algorithm. You can always draw your own balance areas but this indicator offers a systematic way of finding these areas and drawing them on the chart automatically. This indicator will also send the balance informations like current developing balance high and low levels to the Market Profile chart !

The Profile Builder will create and display the daily TPO profile when double clicking on a specific daily bar. One more double click and it will erase it for display. The Profile Builder not only create profiles on demand it also allows merging options. It just add depth to the day chart analysis !


  • Chart Type: Day
  • Display: References synchronizer indicator, Balance indicator and Profile Builder indicator