Additional Informations needed


Please follow these steps to include the generated machine ID in the Notes field of the order form during the checkout process.

If you forgot these steps during the checkout process no worry please email me the following information :

  • Your First and Last Name
  • Machine ID ( as described below )


1 ) Open NinjaTrader 8 and from the Control Center click on Help and left click on 3rd Party Licensing

The following window should then appear :


2) For Vendor name please enter : CoderForTraders

3) For User Defined ID please enter : Any unique ID that you’d like to have.

4) Click on Submit

5) Copy and Paste the automatically generated ID

  • In the Notes field of the Oder form during CheckOut.
  • OR if you forgot to do it just emailed it to me at :


Thank you for your purchase and your trust !